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someone please critique this ugly piece of trash by Marietsloth someone please critique this ugly piece of trash :iconmarietsloth:Marietsloth 11 17 eaton climbs a big tree and finds a plant named jo by Marietsloth eaton climbs a big tree and finds a plant named jo :iconmarietsloth:Marietsloth 11 17 Rainy Moor by Marietsloth Rainy Moor :iconmarietsloth:Marietsloth 8 12 rip rusty by Marietsloth rip rusty :iconmarietsloth:Marietsloth 12 16 Velus (Fire) EBC Spring Assignment 2017 by Marietsloth Velus (Fire) EBC Spring Assignment 2017 :iconmarietsloth:Marietsloth 22 24 Tired by Marietsloth Tired :iconmarietsloth:Marietsloth 13 18 EBC--Tam and Velus by Marietsloth EBC--Tam and Velus :iconmarietsloth:Marietsloth 14 19 EBC--Fishing (Training 2/5) by Marietsloth EBC--Fishing (Training 2/5) :iconmarietsloth:Marietsloth 17 16 You're Late by Marietsloth You're Late :iconmarietsloth:Marietsloth 4 6 weeee by Marietsloth weeee :iconmarietsloth:Marietsloth 4 19 Hunter by Marietsloth Hunter :iconmarietsloth:Marietsloth 5 6 Leopard Family by Marietsloth Leopard Family :iconmarietsloth:Marietsloth 14 13 DW--Bluemoon and the Prophecy by Marietsloth DW--Bluemoon and the Prophecy :iconmarietsloth:Marietsloth 7 6 Biting Pear of Salamanca in its Natural Habitat by Marietsloth Biting Pear of Salamanca in its Natural Habitat :iconmarietsloth:Marietsloth 4 2 EBC/Jericho--Better Together by Marietsloth EBC/Jericho--Better Together :iconmarietsloth:Marietsloth 14 12 EBC--The Gathering (Meet Your Mentor) by Marietsloth EBC--The Gathering (Meet Your Mentor) :iconmarietsloth:Marietsloth 32 40
Hey, do you know what's better than cake? Critique


Starphishy by CaptainKittu Starphishy :iconcaptainkittu:CaptainKittu 20 11 Bluestar by CaptainKittu Bluestar :iconcaptainkittu:CaptainKittu 18 8 Tigerr by CaptainKittu Tigerr :iconcaptainkittu:CaptainKittu 15 2 Wizard by CaptainKittu Wizard :iconcaptainkittu:CaptainKittu 14 2 Tiger Puppy 15$ by CaptainKittu Tiger Puppy 15$ :iconcaptainkittu:CaptainKittu 16 6 Commission by hyilp Commission :iconhyilp:hyilp 44 4 YCH: Comet-117 by hyilp YCH: Comet-117 :iconhyilp:hyilp 45 5 Ilpion by hyilp Ilpion :iconhyilp:hyilp 16 2 The Sleeper by Dagger-13 The Sleeper :icondagger-13:Dagger-13 99 96 Bye Bye Birdy by Dagger-13 Bye Bye Birdy :icondagger-13:Dagger-13 6 5 Old tramp by IntoTheBear Old tramp :iconintothebear:IntoTheBear 43 3 Beautiful moss, right? by IntoTheBear Beautiful moss, right? :iconintothebear:IntoTheBear 33 5 Royal advisor Natori by IntoTheBear Royal advisor Natori :iconintothebear:IntoTheBear 58 11 Werebro by Scorpii-Heart Werebro :iconscorpii-heart:Scorpii-Heart 2 4 EBC: New Look by kiralebia EBC: New Look :iconkiralebia:kiralebia 10 11 The Window by Pepperjay The Window :iconpepperjay:Pepperjay 14 13



someone please critique this ugly piece of trash
These are my friend's Warrior cat fan characters Seed That Grows in Ground (Seed) and Shadow that Lurks Behind Trees (Shadow)! I love their designs so much ;0;
Basically they're both Stonetellers of the Tribe of Rushing Water. The Tribe of Endless Hunting chose Shadow I think? And Jayfeather chose the other. The're also mates.
Also Seed falls off a cliff.
And I've been dying to do a pink-and-blue palette, but this came out really gross, more like pink-and-ugly purple. 
I'm also sorry for anyone waiting for me to do stuff, but this was just a quick doodle and I don't have the time/energy to respond to stuff right now! I promise I'll get to that soon <3
the other day i was listening to the radio and a song came on that was the same song from a documentary. It was about Lewis and Clark and it was the same song from when it talked about Lewis dying.
i cried so hard
eaton climbs a big tree and finds a plant named jo
Bullet; Red 01. Healer’s Helper
Eaton went on a mission and found the herb that helps you poo
I guess this is somewhere during Act 2? There are mountains in the background. And I changed his history so he's been with the Edenites all along since the thing said it was one of the options! Tell me if that's okay because if it's not I'll just say this is some cooldown stuff.
Quick thing since Eaton needs luck before he dies :'))))))
Rainy Moor
that title is creativooo
Something for foxthrones!
I finally got to work on this ugghghhhhhh like I have so much homework paired up with recently being busy on weekends??? And lots of homework on weekends?? Cause I've been staying up later than ever doing homework, and now I can go to sleep at 11. And I have practice and exercise after homework :'C And I still have a month and a half of school, and after that I'll go back to school earlier than the rest of my state ughhh
And a lot of the people I talk to online say they only have about a week of school rather than a month and a half UGHHGHGHGHGHGHGHH 
Unfortunately my sister has way more than me :C

But yeah this was a real challenge to do! But it was super fun ahhh ;0; But it was a struggle to finish since I've been busy! It took about 5 hours rather than the usual 30 minutes. But I really love this character's design <3 Foxthrones is seriously great at design, go check her out! And I love moors gosh ;u; If only when I looked them up I wouldn't get 1,000 pictures of dead goats. It's really sad.
Ps I forgot to also say why school is so weird: So one of my teachers got a Chris Pratt cardboard cutout and she screamed so loud. She took selfies of it. She then leaned toward it, closing her eyes, and rubbed it 
Then she said "just in case her husband died"
rip rusty
Background and painting practice! Characters are Rusty/Firepaw, Greypaw, Bluestar, and Lionheart from the series Warriors
This was really quick but I liked the result. Please critique, it looks like green mashed potatoes ;w;
Is there a way to make folders on 
I'm joining the club-club.
Basically first 10 people who comment on this journal get a feature on it! More like 8, though, RIP cause I got it from Pepperjay and Tetra1090! They're wonderful people.
(Edit: and Lazar-Arts)
Also! If you comment you have to do it too (with me as first)! The idea is to spread artists' art around. But if you already have done it, I won't ask you to do it again! :0
Dear lord it's so hard choosing.
Edit: I'm also putting something I like about themselves/their art! This isn't something people usually do, but I really want to so yeh.
1. :iconpepperjay:Pepperjay 
Remus, Io, Ayize, and Dziko by Pepperjay  (Animated) Kawaii by Pepperjay  Longy by Pepperjay
Pepperjay has a beautiful style! I love her palettes, faces, and pretty much everything that makes her style! Her stuff is super unique, and her graphic design is wonderful hhh
She is also one of the most supportive, kind, loving person I've met owo
2.:icontetra1090: Tetra1090 
Saber: Fate series (background) by Tetra1090  Birthday Present by Tetra1090  Gift for Marietsloth: Happy Holidays by Tetra1090
I love Tetra's use of colors, as well as her unique faces and beautiful shading! I can tell her style from a mile away hueee
She super nice and I'm sorry she had to deal with 6th grade me XD
3.:iconlazar-arts: Lazar-Arts 
When are you Coming Home? - WC (Speedpaint) by Lazar-Arts  Let us Die Facing our Foes - Les Mis by Lazar-Arts  Lonesome Dreams - WC (Speedpaint) by Lazar-Arts
Lazar's lighting, gradients, and style is beautiful!! I love her faces, hair/fur, contrast, and the great way she draws the proportions and expressions!
Lazar is also one of the kindest and relatable people I've met! 
4.:iconlambywamby: LambyWamby 
This is S T U P I D by LambyWamby  BLOBS by LambyWamby  Day by LambyWamby
Lamby has beautiful graphic design!! And I really love her palettes and her style ;0; Her poses are dynamic!
She is one of the nicest/funniest people I've met! I haven't had a chance to talk to her much, but still!
And because she asked for critique:
I really like your designs and palettes 0w0 I seriously love how you get your point across in your art, too! The only thing I'd recommend is adding more contrast to your art. For example, I think shading and lighting should be distinguished! Without contrast the art might look a little muddy. And when shading, don't use a darker color! Instead, use the color beside it on the color wheel and (if there are layers) it works a little better (imo) to turn it on multiply! On your palettes, since everything is already blended I think the shaded color won't go too far from the original palette. If in the case you do have layer modes, if the shading color is too far fetched from the original palette, I'd recommend shading with a basis palette color (the main color of the palette--there might be more than one). Good luck! <3
5. :iconmeskridge110: Meskridge110 
Spa Day with Emma by Meskridge110  EBC: Kodi's Enjoyment by Meskridge110  Griffon n' Tolmi RP | EBC |What were you sayin'? by Meskridge110
Mesk has a really nice, original style! It's so fluffy eee ;; But yeah I love her faces and she uses MS paint?? Like how
She's also super nice herself! I haven't known her for long, but she's been very nice in the time we've met and super funny.
6. :iconhowlzthewolf: HowlZThewolf 
Sleepy RainWing by HowlZThewolf  EBC: Freezing waters by HowlZThewolf  EBC :Whoah!:Have your apprentice hunting 1/5 by HowlZThewolf
God her faces are so hot?? And she improves so fast what even
She's also a very nice, kind person ;w; 
7. :iconuasho-lynx: uasho-lynx 
EBC got your back by uasho-lynx  WoLF: sunset by uasho-lynx  EBC watching the clouds by uasho-lynx
I love Uasho's style! It's so small and beanie ;;;;;0;;;;;;
Not to mention Uasho is a super nerd and a wholesome person ahhh <3
She's super kind, patient, etc, and just a great friend in general! <3
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Boy do I love Planet Earth I/II
My main dialogue consists of "ahh, haha, eee, and screaming"
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:iconpepperjay:--Pepperjay <3333

I use ArtStudio for iPad (can work for phone) so if you have an apple and need a program, use this!
I'm advertising the heck out of this


:iconuasho-lynx: :iconmeskridge110: :iconrowan-feather: :iconpedropoliss: :iconmoonygirl9: :iconpepperjay: :icontetra1090:


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I like cats too
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