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Eaton--Jericho App by Marietsloth Eaton--Jericho App by Marietsloth
BG by Caliberarts!

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Cowardly, pessimistic, hot-headed, kind softy
Name: Eaton-Mikkel  (Eaton)
Breed: Egyptian Mau and Snowshoe mix
Age: 3 year old (30 in cat years)
Gender: Male
Level: 1 

Physical Description:
Short--His relatively slim profile allows him to move fast and efficiently--His tubby legs are strong and well-built--Fluffy--Has a scar on his shoulder and permanently wounded tail--One ear is larger than the other (right)

Worded Personality

He rarely thinks that things will turn out well. While he does believe in Jericho, he doesn't actually think it'll be found. He mainly believes that the main fate of the cats will be by getting bitten by an infected or being starved. If someone has a strong potential to die, he'll be 99% sure they will. While he does believe that Johanna maintains Eden well, he knows that if someone goes out too far, no Edenites can find them. He also believes one day Eden might fall.
Eaton is not a quick thinker. He will probably solve things by avoiding them rather than thinking it out, and works terribly in situations where you have to think fast. 
He has a hard time killing infected because he fears they are conscious. He'd rather run away, so he constantly exercises. He also goes out of his way to help others, most likely kits. He won't help his enemies, however. Eaton will deliberate both sides before making a decision or fighting.
If another is suffering or having a hard time over something he doesn't understand, he'll go out of his way to try and understand. 99% of the time, he succeeds. 
If Eaton is offended, he'll fight of the bat. But, he'll also think out his decision during the fight and end it as quick as he can.
Eaton wouldn't give up on Jericho on his life. If he believes in something (other than opinion), he'll believe is steadfastedly. Like a train choo choo
He faces the situation. If someone is certainly lost, he won't have hopes. If he's probably going to die, he accepts that. So far he isn't dead yet, as you can see with those beautiful eyeballs/eyeball/logic of yours.
He won't easily place his trust in people he doesn't know. He'll wait for days and even years before he gives his trust.
He is scared of the world outside of Eden, and before he came he mostly spent his time hiding in lowly-populated areas to reduce the risk of predators or infected finding him. He hates putting himself in danger, and is constantly on guard. That doesn't mean he's strict, however. He's a softie. Get it, becase he's fluffy and
He really likes to speak his mind. However, he's soft-spoken so it's hard to be heard, but he'll stubbornly persist until he gets his point across. He isn't afraid of social interaction.
lol i tried to think his character through a lot but he just sounds like a jerk

Eaton lived with two siblings (brother and sister) and his parents. They spent their time searching for food and water, sticking together for hunting and defense. Back then he was called Mikkel, hence his full name. An encounter with a family of racoons led to a scar, his broken tail, and the death of his mother. After, the family migrated out of their regular home near Eden to the abandoned nuclear cities to band with more cats. That was a bad idea, as infected and predators were attracted to the large amounts of cats and Mikkel's new family (built from his own blood family) were infected by attacking skinners. After staying by their sides until the last stage of infection, he went back to his original rural home and changed his name. He prefers to be called "Mikkel" only by those closest to him. After being alone for about 1 year, he came to the Edenites, and has been with them.

Bullet; Pink Love, family
Bullet; Red Love, romantic
Bullet; Blue Dislike (2 is hate)
Bullet; Black Mild--Neutral
Bullet; Green Like, good opinion

Roleplay Example:
Don't read this unless you're an admin/you won't judge my terrible writing!
Words: 250 
(From no roleplay--I just needed an example)

       Dawn breaking over the walls of Eden, Eaton approached the outskirts and sniffed around for signs of infected. It was his habit to do so, as his fear of even the weakest of infected made him go on a daily routine to find if infected were present, where, and how he could get away/warn others as fast as possible. His persistence made him stay for two hours or until about 7 in the morning. Sniffing, he smelled the smell of another cat, and wondered why they were up so early. Opening his mouth, he took in the scent, and slowly advanced after. Smelling blood alarmed him, until he realised it was a mouse, and that the other was probably hunting for fun. However, it was lonely here and he could smell the whiff of a normal infected on the breeze. Nothing he couldn’t run from, but he still feared the prospect of coming across it and possibly having to kill it. He needed to warn that cat.

       “Hello?” he called, twitching his ears to listen. “He-lloooo! Who are you? I need to tell you something!”

       Pausing, he sniffed the light breeze and followed the trail to a boulder in the shade of a mountain. The infected smell came by, closer than ever, sending a chill down his spine. Cautiously, he approached the boulder, a small hole lying next to it.

       “Hey!” he hissed. His body tensed up. “Are you okay? Or are you just hiding to mess with me?”
(Please know I have a hard time putting many words, so they'll usually only be this long if I'm doing an exposition, if that's anything you need to know! I'll do my best to match my rp partner's length though, rip)

16 luck

--Pretty stones (1)
--Bones (1)

--His name is Eaton for a reason (eyebrow eyebrow zombie apocalypse rp)
--Is a huge softie on kits
--So far hasn't allowed himself to fall in love, fearing a family might get killed before him 
--Likes stroopwaffels

Smells Like:
Sawdust and wildness????

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